Meet Rachelle

Rachelle Bartlett is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Homeopath, Aromatherapist and Iridologist with over 20 years of experience.

She is a member of ;
The Australian Traditional Medicine Society,
Australian Natural Therapists Association,
National Herbalists Association of Australia, and
The Australian Homeopathic Association.

Rachelle’s qualifications include;
An Advance Diploma of Naturopathy,
Advanced Diploma of Nutrition,
Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy,
Diploma of Aromatherapy and.
A Diploma of Iridology.
Rachelle is also trained in Blood Microscopy.and has a First Aid qualification.

Specialty and Practice areas;
Rachelle works with children and families focussing on digestion and gut issues as well as common ailments such as colds and flues. She also works with patients who experience more complicated conditions such as infertility, cancer, HIV, arthritis, allergies, food sensitivities, autoimmune diseases and thyroid issues. Rachelle also has experience in women’s health including menopause, menstrual problems and infertility.